Prepare your students to take on the world.

We collaborate with schools to provide three unique products that bring global experiences into classrooms through live, virtual courses. Our offerings are aligned with schools' academic calendars, ensuring consistency, and feature outstanding native-speaking teachers for the target languages.

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World Language Program

World Language Program is specifically designed for high school students and offers a diverse range of language courses, including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. This program emphasizes language production by initially focusing on speaking and listening skills.Our courses are aligned with ACTFL standards and incorporate integrated virtual field trips to amazing locations worldwide, enhancing the learning experience through cultural immersion.

Language Carousel Program

Language Carousel Program is designed for middle school students, offering exposure to three interconnected languages. Three native instructors collaborate to introduce students to basic language skills connected by their respective historical and cultural elements.We provide three carousel courses: Romance Languages, East Asian Languages, and Middle Eastern/East African Languages.

Virtual School Bus Program

Virtual School Bus Program is crafted for elementary school students, focusing on cultural exposure. It goes beyond traditional classroom boundaries by offering live, virtual field trips to cities around the world, led by experienced local teachers.Highlights include trips to Lake Victoria in Kenya and visits to local Korean food markets, providing students with immersive cultural experiences.Don't miss out on these exciting global adventures!

Language Clubs Program

Language Clubs Program is an after-school initiative tailored for upper elementary, middle and high school students seeking additional language practice and exposure.
Is your school planning trips abroad? Offer your students a customized program to prepare them linguistically and culturally, ensuring they make the most of their travel experiences.

Research-Based Instruction

Small Groups
Support Language Learning

Small group interventions are a means to support students learning two languages at the same time.

Speaking Skills
Lead to Literacy Improvement

A strong foundation in oral language (speaking) at an early age has been correlated with increases in literacy achievements in the later grades.

Authentic Talk Increases

Our face-to-face lessons offer
authentic communication which
allows for interaction and
collaboration neccessary for
increased oral language skills.

Exciting language learning that leaves textbooks
in the dust

Lessons that grab their attention and keep it

Live, interactive instruction and research-based curricula invite students to dive into language learning and get to know new cultures through their histories, traditions, music, and more.

Experienced teachers who excel at online instruction

With the world as our recruiting pool, we can handpick qualified, native speaker teachers from around the globe, then train them in our ChatENG instructional model for top-notch quality and consistency.

Adventurous learning that builds skills fast

Because no one learns best from textbook pages and worksheets, we built our courses around hands-on learning. Highlights include interactive virtual field trips around the world, project-based assessments, and more. The result? Students learn quickly and are eager for more.

Easy, breezy implementation and support

Classes are customized to meet your school’s unique needs. Plus, we handle the time-eating tasks, such as grading, attendance, and optimization for your school's LMS, so you can focus on your students, not administrative struggles.

A partnership that extends beyond the classroom

We advise students on secondary and post-secondary opportunities, including critical language scholarships, study abroad programs, and more, because we care about your students’ success as much as you do.

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