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ChatENG Live

Live, engaging, and fun English as a Foreign Language (EFL) solution for grades K-6 international students

ChatENG Live is a comprehensive suite of EFL lessons purposefully designed to build a strong conversational foundation for early-stage learners. Research shows that strong speaking skill correlates with an increase in literacy achievement in later grades. (Horowitz, 2015)

Global Challenges
in English

English language education traditionally emphasizes reading and writing. These traditional methods may help students learn vocabulary words, but they do not support students in applying language in real settings.

ChatENG seeks to close this gap and create a learning environment that accelerates language development through an early focus on speaking and listening.

Our Teachers

ChatENG teachers are veteran educators with specific training in language acquisition. They have at least 3 years of experience teaching elementary-age students. That means more effective teaching strategies and faster improvement for students.

Our Curriculum

Created by two Harvard Graduate School of Education alumni

Aligned to US language standards, including WIDA and Common Core

Specifically designed to promote conversation and confidence in language learning

Our Methodology

Extended Conversation

Lessons focus on one topic over multiple classes to improve retention and offer many opportunities for genuine conversation with other students, using the teacher as both a model and support.

Student Perspectives

Students engage in authentic dialogue and build relationships with teachers on an individual level, with lessons culminating in a discussion to share their own perspective on a topic.

Instructional Supports

Teachers always model the language, help students practice, and utilize sentence frames, virtual reality, images and other visual aids to support student growth.

Frequent Assessments

Using interactive technology platforms, teachers evaluate students’ understanding through real-time quizzes, polls, writing, and drawing tools, as well as students’ speech production throughout class.

Small Groups

All ChatENG lessons consist of 7 or fewer students. By keeping the group small, students have more time to talk, and teachers can get to know the individual student’s needs more quickly.

Content Relevance

Lessons are created specifically for the age group being taught and allow for students to reflect on their personal experiences, allowing them to use what they learn in everyday life.

Sample Lessons

Below are examples of some ChatENG lessons. Note that these PDFs do not include our interactive features.

Lesson 1

Holidays in Korea and the US

In this lesson, students learn about different Korean and US holidays, as well as share what their favorite is and why.
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Lesson 3

Describing Distance

This lesson helps students describe a place using distance related words, and describe if a place is near or far from them.
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Lesson 4

Places I Want to Go

Students learn how to describe places they want to go, how to ask others where they want to go, and how to describe why they'd like to travel there.
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